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There the souqs were full of colourful pottery, and men in tiny rooms embroidered silk Jebbas, the traditional kaftan-style clothing or fashioned the woollen chechia hats.
The manufacturing of the Tunisian fez, known as the chechia, which in former times was worn by every male is still, to a certain extent, under the control of their descendants.
b) Traditional clothing, such as burnous (long, woolen, hooded cloak; 27), saroual (baggy pants; 30; Vaste, 47, 203, 241),11 chechia (or fez, a conical hat; 62), haik (all-enveloping white Algerian veil; 174; a recurring word in Ombre), djellaba (hooded robe; 193; Vaste, 325), tchador (a Persian word for the all-enveloping black veil from Iran; Vaste, 325).
Ces dernieres sont constituees d'une gandoura travaillee avec du fil d'or, d'une chechia stamboul grenat tranchant avec le reste de la tenue et de babouches blanches.
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