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a native or inhabitant of Chechnya

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a northern Caucasian language spoken by the Chechen

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With the Basayev killing, the Chechen resistance has suffered an indisputable blow.
Last June, after a Boston court granted political asylum to Chechen activist Ilyas Akhmadov, a moderate who had consistently condemned terrorism, the Department of Homeland Security challenged the decision, parroting Moscow's claim that Akhmadov had terrorist ties.
Sophos claims that all the targeted sites are run by Chechen rebels and promote the Chechen separatist cause.
The Russian government has offered a $10 million reward for the capture of Chechen terrorist chief Shamil Basayev.
According to many Chechens, Putin is not engaged in an anti-terrorist campaign but in a colonial war and a campaign of terror and genocide of the Chechen people.
The term Black Widow applies to Chechen women who have lost every male relative at the hands of the Russians, so it's hardly surprising that some turn to violence.
The entire Chechen population was deported to Siberia - one of his most extreme punishments - where people were left to starve and die in appalling conditions.
He threatened earlier in the summer to launch new attacks to avenge the killing of a Chechen rebel leader.
CHECHEN rebels will lose any remaining sympathy in the West after the siege, a politics expert claimed last night.
The blast, near the Rizhskaya station in northern Moscow, came a week after two Russian passenger planes crashed simultaneously after explosions on board, killing all 90 people on board in what officials say was a Chechen terrorist attack.
New details emerged yesterday about the two Chechen women who are the focus of suspicions that the planes were blown up by terrorists.
Likewise, in Chechnya's October 2003 presidential elections, the question is not whom the Chechen people will choose, but whom the Kremlin will pick.
based American Committee for Peace in Chechnya recently introduced a peace plan, which is now being considered by Russians parliamentarians and Chechen leaders.
AT LEAST 32 people were killed and 60 wounded when two suicide bomb-ers smashed their explosives-packed vehi-cles through security gates before detonating them in the Chechen gov-ernment compound in the capital Grozny today.