drooping brome

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annual or winter annual grass with softly hairy leaves of the Mediterranean

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Patch size of the cheat grass type was not likely directly related to changes in deer group size.
Sisymbrium altissimum was concentrated in 2 meadow habitats: cheat grass (1.
Bromus, also known as cheat grass or bronco grass, dries up in the arid West around late May.
Protecting hunters from brambles and briars while they're walking through thick brush, cheat grass and sticker bushes, the pant features a side elastic waistband for increased comfort and layering, articulated knee for enhanced mobility, suspender buttons, nylon-reinforced belt loops, and rugged jean-style front button and rear security pockets.
In fact, there are chukars anywhere there are rocks and cheat grass, cliff or no cliff.
Invasive cheat grass, however, blooms early, grows quickly, then dies and dries.
A rather presumptuous label for the assortment of campers, trailer, and tents that have lined up in one long row in the gravel parking lot and spilled over into the crushed cheat grass along the river.
Just another few acres of scrub oak, pinyon/juniper, and cheat grass crackling in a summer that seemed, to firefighters in the American West, composed of nothing but orange-and-black skies.
such as foxtail barley, cheat grass, and spear grass.
Then Powder--the dog I thought least likely to run off and disappear in the white, milky, nothingness--and I set off blindly through the frosted cheat grass for the ridgeline I knew was out there someplace.
There are still plenty of birds, but the covies head for the hills when fall rains green up the cheat grass they feed on.
The study, conducted in partnership with researchers at the University of Wyoming, found it is likely the increased risk small mammals perceive in cheat grass habitats reflects actual risk, with negative consequences for these species.
Rock rubble and cliffs interspersed with cheat grass run to the horizon, and in some places, it all looks good.
Sprawled out in the knee-high cheat grass, Shake retied his boots and spit angry words between deep breaths.