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Synonyms for cheapskate

Synonyms for cheapskate

a miserly person


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But I came by my present attitude towards expenditure honestly and can even boast of being a third-generation cheapskate.
That we're a couple of cheapskates for not sending each other anything for Christmas all these years but that old card?
Easy to get in and out and more intimate and much closer to the Daily Post's office p Cheapskates who give you one ring on your mobile so you ring them back and pay for the call.
The spendthrifts in City Hall suddenly turn into cheapskates whenever it comes to the Valley.
Or they can take a tough line and look like selfish cheapskates - the very image critics hope to pin on Silicon Valley and, often explicitly, on libertarian politics.
Vinnie said: "I wasn't making that cramped journey for a bunch of cheapskates.
TALKING of cheapskates, the natural inclination for Celtic fans to support Sevilla on Wednesday will be only be increased by revelation that opponents Espanyol are tighter than a gnat's chuff.
TALKING about cheapskates, if your other half hands you a card like that without even bothering to post it, they're probably like the bloke we know who went into a shop and asked the assistant if she could recommend a little gift.
Yet the big spenders in City Hall look like cheapskates compared to their counterparts in Sacramento.
BRITAIN'S biggest cheapskates have been revealed - and no, they're not the Scots.
THE Halifax were branded cheapskates last night after a mortgage rip-off row.
Cuban, the free-spending, freewheeling Dallas Mavericks owner, all but accused the Lakers of being cheapskates recently, noting Buss' reluctance to pile up big salaries and pay the NBA's luxury tax.