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an Argentine revolutionary leader who was Fidel Castro's chief lieutenant in the Cuban revolution

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At that time I owned and rode a Norton 500 cc motor cycle, the model Che Guevera rode with his friend Alberto Granado on the pillion, in the first stage of their memorable trip through south America, before it broke down, after which they continued their odyssey, hitch hiking.
Chevolution (E) Documentary about the iconography of Che Guevera (Thu, Library Theatre) Did You Hear About The Morgans (PG) Predictable fish out of water romcom as Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant's collapsing marriage gets a jump start when they're relocated from Manhattan to hicksville in the witness protection programme.
In Gigante (1997), his reworking of Alberto Korda's familiar 1960 photograph of Che Guevera, the "Obey Giant" icon appears in place of the expected badge on the revolutionary's beret.
At a vigil in El Salvador, he saw a man wearing a shirt with the faces of Jesus, Oscar Romero, Che Guevera, and Karl Marx.
She doesn't look wistfully through the students' windows at the Che Guevera posters all covered in mold and tattered at the edges.
When I heard they wanted me to be a revolutionary, complete with Black Power salutes and Che Guevera badges, 1 thought it was a bit too real to be funny.
In Cuba today, Arturo points out, posters everywhere show the face not of Fidel Castro but of Che Guevera, who died a hero, young and pure.
When Che Guevera was shot dead by Bolivian troops in 1967 his body was photographed, complete with gleeful officers poking his chest, to show South American guerillas everywhere that their leader was dead and they might as well pack it in.
Stone's gooey, vaguely erotic sketch of Che Guevera, Harrison Salisbury's starry-eyed opinions of Yuri Andropov, Chris Dodd's carefully parsed assessments of the Sandanista leadership, and Al Gore's ardent defenses of a nuclear freeze.
The All England committee is enough to turn the meekest social climbing Gloucestershire vicar into Che Guevera.
Three years on from Prodigal Sista, it's a polished, confident set, Beverley co-writing all the tracks with, among others, Che Guevera & James Poyser and Green Eyed Bandits.
MICK Jagger and Robert Redford are up against each other in a bid to bring the life of Che Guevera to the big screen.
The revised poster featured a color photograph of Che Guevera.