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English lyric poet (1887-1915)


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The Chawners first hit 200 aud X su hit our TV screens in 2006 when Emma auditioned for The X Factor, without success, singing Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On.
Fans of The X Factor will no doubt remember the Chawners.
Lorraine Kelly has taken up the gauntlet, and with a team of health experts, is on a mission to help the Chawners lose weight.
Chicken plucker Robert Unwin and roly-poly Emma Chawner had the audience in stitches while wacky double act Ant 'N' Seb almost stole the show before the finalists returned to perform again.
Ryan Allmark then tapped in at 3-4 and Mick Chawner netted a late equaliser for Bolehall.
NASA engineers at several centers have been using Gridgen for many years so when they requested that we port to the Mac we took a very serious look at this platform," said John Chawner, Pointwise's president.
Thongsbridge started strongly with their first pair, the Chawner sisters Ellie and Chloe, taking the first set 6-0 however Marsden's Cath Connor and Diane Sykes fought back to halve the rubber with a 6-2 victory in the second set.
John Chawner, FRCOG, retired consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, formerly UK Chairman of Consultants Committee of the BMA Harry Edwards, OBE, FRCA, retired consultant anaesthetist, formerly Chairman of the Welsh Medical Committee Huw Thomas, retired Chief Executive, Gwynedd Health Authority, and 12 other consultants.
BIRMINGHAM can boast another centenarian after army vet Phil Chawner reached the magical milestone.
Others on the platform then intervened, including John Chawner, a man in his 60s from Solihull.
In 1815, William Chawner set up his own family business, Chawner & Co.
X Factor reject Emma Chawner, 20, and tellytubbie sister Samantha had always insisted they are too fat to work and preferred to stay home scoffing fast food.
Determined wannabe Emma Chawner is hoping it will be third time lucky - despite two humiliating put-downs by judge Simon Cowell in previous auditions.
Marking a departure from morning TV, Lorraine's latest TV project is a six-part series called Lorraine Kelly's Big Fat Challenge, which sees her and a team of experts attempt to whip the infamous Chawner family into shape.
NINETEEN-STONE X Factor reject Emma Chawner has stormed out of a reality TV fat camp after just a week.