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Mexican composer of nationalistic works using themes from Indian folk music (1899-1978)

United States labor leader who organized farm workers (born 1927)

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Duterte signed Chavez' appointment on August 31 and was sent to Palace reporters on Thursday.
Asonglefac, who had arrested Chavez, appeared in the general district court on September 30 for Chavez's trial.
The Cubs drafted the then-17-year-old Chavez in the 39th round of the 2001 MLB draft.
On April 11, the Gina Chavez will kick off their tour at the American Corner in Kant, where they will conduct master classes for young people, musicians and local residents.
"One of the things I wanted to let my kids know is they did have a father and I did not plan to leave them," Chavez who has been living in Tijuana told the AP.
Lenning was banged up for last year's nationals in Minnesota, followed by Chavez being seriously injured in a motorcycle crash several weeks later.
The Chavez Specialty Glove will bring positive attention to its users at a party or gathering.
By early 1996, Maduro had become Chavez's "private eye", as well as the person in charge of his mentor's safety.
One thing Chavez said he could never understand was "why Jesus was born among animals in a manger, with so many other places and him being the son of God."
Most opinion polls give his protege, acting President Nicolas Maduro, a strong lead thanks to Chavez's endorsement and the surge of grief and sympathy over his death from cancer last month.
Though Hugo Chavez is voiced as a hero by middle and working class supporters; but at the same time many also question his dictatorial actions as he not only put restrictions on citizens' freedoms but also attacked an independent judiciary.
Summary: Caracas: Henrique Capriles lost his last presidential bid to Hugo Chavez, and as he prepares ...
CARACAS Mar 19, 2013(Reuters) - Supporters of late president Hugo Chavez will punish opposition leader Henrique Capriles for his anti-government barbs at a vote next month likely to produce a bigger win for the socialists than last year, a campaign strategist for Capriles' rival forecast.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The body of Venezuela's late leader Hugo Chavez was taken to the Historic Military Museum as the government ruled out the option to embalm his body.