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savory jelly based on fish or meat stock used as a mold for meats or vegetables

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Chaud-froid is classically made with any mother sauce that has had some form of aspic or gelatin product added to it.
Colored chaud-froid can be created by adding natural colors to a basic mother sauce, such as spinach and bechamel for green shades, and turmeric for yellow shades.
Chaud-froid can be imitated in the cold sauce section of the garde manger using the principle of the classic mayonnaise collee.
The techniques that are associated with the use of chaud-froid are similar to that of aspic, and can be learned easily.
RECIPE 17-8 CLASSICAL WHITE CHAUD-FROID Recipe Yield: 4 cups (946 mL) Note: This will render sauces that are white and/or off-white in color.
How is chaud-froid applied to galantines and terrines?