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English poet remembered as author of the Canterbury Tales (1340-1400)

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In fact, I may fairly class Chaucer among my passions, for I read him with that sort of personal attachment I had for Cervantes, who resembled him in a certain sweet and cheery humanity.
Compared with the meaner poets the greater are the cleaner, and Chaucer was probably safer than any other English poet of his time, but I am not going to pretend that there are not things in Chaucer which a boy would be the better for not reading; and so far as these words of mine shall be taken for counsel, I am not willing that they should unqualifiedly praise him.
I loved my Chaucer too well, I hope, not to get some good from the best in him; and my reading of criticism had taught me how and where to look for the best, and to know it when I had found it.
But this was long after I read Macaulay, who was one of my grand passions before Dickens or Chaucer.
I remember well that, at the siege of Retters, there was a little, sleek, fat clerk of the name of Chaucer, who was so apt at rondel, sirvente, or tonson, that no man dare give back a foot from the walls, lest he find it all set down in his rhymes and sung by every underling and varlet in the camp.
Chaucer was a poet, and is generally looked upon as the first great English poet.
But although Chaucer was a great poet, we know very little about his life.
His father, John Chaucer, was a London wine merchant.
We know nothing at all of Chaucer as a boy, nothing of where he went to school, nor do we know if he ever went to college.
Of what befell Chaucer in France we know nothing, except that he was taken prisoner, and that the King, Edward III, himself gave
So it would seem that, boy though he was, Geoffrey Chaucer had already become important.
It is interesting, too, to notice in this preface that here Chaucer calls his King "Lord of this English.
One after another he comes up in his private adventures with every fable of Aesop, of Homer, of Hafiz, of Ariosto, of Chaucer, of Scott, and verifies them with his own head and hands.
It is this simple screen change operation and infinitely variable mill speed that allows Chaucer Foods to select different crumb sizes to suit requirements.
Wolves, who currently lie in seventh place in the Coca-Cola Championship just a victory away from the promotion play-offs, have announced a new deal with global consultancy business Chaucer Consulting.