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Synonyms for Zhou

the imperial dynasty of China from 1122 to 221 BC

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With the above results, the subject has studied the technical solutions to apply new technologies suitable postharvest to maintain quality, prolong the storage time and ensure safety is important in To stabilize and expand the consumption market of fresh longan for the labeling industry of Edor Chau Thanh-Dong Thap.
I'm glad this character is so intersectional," Chau said.
Next, Chau describes China's penetration of Tanzania as a smooth process due to newly elected Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere.
Master Chau suggests eating 'roasted goose, mushroom and sea moss with lettuce, crabmeat with egg noodle soup, steamed grouper and shrimps, seafood salad and fried rice.
Habekost and Wood then had the better of Chau and Tang in the dou T -bles and went into a 4- 2 lead with victory for Graham over Huang.
The Inquistr reports that the cooked flesh of the late Chau Wang-Ki, 65, and Siu Yuet-yee, 62, were kept in two refrigerators which were discovered by police officials.
Everyone taps the screen with different pressures while checking boxes," Chau said.
Hong Kong, Mar 21, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (CITIC Telecom), a leading telecommunications service provider in Asia Pacific, today announced that its state-of-the-art Internet Data Center (IDC) in Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong, officially commences operations.
by Ken Hyland, Chau Meng Huat and Michael Handford.
Sydney Chau, executive director of the Aviation Security Company Ltd.
Chau changed sides after five years with the army while his brother remained loyal to the North, going with his Buddhist training and his disillusionment with communist philosophies.
SHUI Cheung Chau is the grand old man of Teesside's close-knit Chinese community.
Vinh Sinh (ed, transl), Phan Chau Trinh and his political writings.
VINH SINH, Phan Chau Trinh and his political writings Edited and translated by v IN H S IN H Ithaca, NY: Cornell Southeast Asia Program, 2009.
The front starboard of the ferry, operated by New World First Ferry Services, was damaged by the structure located 400 meters offshore of Cheung Chau island, a small island off the main island of Hong Kong, according to footage aired by local channel Cable TV.