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a program during which well-known people discuss a topic or answer questions telephoned in by the audience

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The bubbly blonde, 34, who has long dreamed of having her own chatshow, has brought camp BFF Bobby Cole Norris with her for the ride, along with gay comedian David Morgan, who has appeared on ITVBe's All Back To Essex Towie spin-off.
Denis O'Regan got the plaudits for his patient ride in a race run at a breakneck speed with the chatshow host texting the winning trainer in the winner's enclosure from manchester, where he is busy with his latest British series of stories for the Jeremy Kyle show.
The former Radio 2 chatshow host Ross said he had been "lucky" to win a few awards during his career, but he was now putting them "to one side" to make room for the gongs won by his screenwriter wife.
During the face to face chat over a cup of tea, the Duchess wore a short black skirt and jacket and sat opposite the chatshow host.
As well as the show's stars Richard Armitage, Andrew Lincoln and Shelley Conn, Sky's Angela Griffin turned up to the event, The Waterloo Road actress is back with chatshow Angela and Friends after a break.
Which teatime chatshow host issued an angry threat to the mugger who stole his daughter's mobile phone?
Miller, speaking on the US chatshow Conan O'Brien, said, apart from the heartbreak, the ordeal had affected her in the long term.
His morning chatshow Kilroy was axed after he branded Arabs "suicide bombers, limb-ampu-tators [and] women repressors" in a newspaper column.
ACTOR Sir Sean Connery and TV chatshow host Michael Parkinson were among the guests of comedian Billy Connolly at a Highland games spectacle yesterday.
Liberal Democrat leader Mr Charles Kennedy - dubbed as Chatshow Charlie - has agreed to ask the Commons sleaze watchdog whether he broke rules over the disclosure of outside interests.
SHOWBIZ James Corden | Chat's the way to do it James JAMES Corden's US chatshow is up for a prestigious TV award only weeks after its launch.
It was my mum who told me to walk tall when I walk into chatshow studios.
It is due to air on Piers' US chatshow on CNN on Friday night.
It will make him the first Brit to land a role as a primetime chatshow host on American telly.
Sarah, pictured, will be filmed having a heart-to-heart with the American chatshow queen following the newspaper sting that recorded her offering to sell access to her ex-husband, the Duke of York, for pounds 500,000.