Loire Valley

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the valley of the Loire River where many French wines originated

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NEED TO KNOW NEED TO KNOW ELLEN BRANAGH was a guest of Macs Adventure on a six-day Chateaux Of The Loire Valley In Style cycling holiday, graded as "moderate".
The other Anglesey houses featured in YTy Cymreig this week are a mansion inspired by the chateaux of the Loire Valley, a thatched cottage by the sea restored by the local community, and Point Lynas lighthouse.
You're in touch with the chateaux of the Loire Valley and it's not too far down to the beautiful Cognac region either.
Located in the landscape of Sologne and south of Paris this picturesque village is not far from the chateaux of the Loire valley, with its beautiful landscape dominated by lakes and streams.
There were discussions about the great chateaux of the Loire Valley and clubby wood-paneled English libraries.