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a program during which well-known people discuss a topic or answer questions telephoned in by the audience

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A spokeswoman last night added: "All three chat shows made significant cost reductions in the last three years.
This week the wife of Muhammad Ali revealed how he now spends his days refusing to watch US TV but instead views repeats of his favourite programme, Michael Parkinson's chat show.
PIERS Morgan could land his own UTV chat show after winning over viewers on Good Morning Britain.
Koel Purie Rinchet's new season of her chat show, Couching With KoE1/2l, follows the pattern where celebrities talk less and do more.
As you'll find the hard way," Wogan said, "the only thing you're remembered for as a chat show host are the disasters.
New York, August 29 ( ANI ): Kris Jenner's chat show 'Kris', which was rumored to be getting off the air thanks to "abysmal" ratings, has not been cancelled, it has been revealed.
TWO legends of motorbike racing, Carl Fogarty and James Whitham, are revving up for their first UK chat show tour.
Sir Michael said: "I think it's sad that there isn't the kind of chat show I used to do on air at the moment.
JACK Docherty bears no malice to Graham Norton for taking his chat show crown - and claims he was welcome to it.
Reality TV shows, soaps and now chat shows have all become pawns in the constant battle for ratings.
Today the same question has come up about another rough-and-tumble medium: political chat shows on television.
Since, along with game shows and daytime programmes, chat shows are generally held responsible for the 'dumbing down' of a supposedly post-literate culture, it is somewhat surprising to discover that when Oprah Winfrey introduced a reading group onto her programme, American booksales noticeably increased.
Since there are as many chat shows floating around as soap operas, she simply switched sides.
With A-listers Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis as his first guests, he introduced the US to a different form of chat shows where the stars remain on the sofa together, with considerable success.
Chat shows are fast becoming forums for the host to promote gay rights or plug a guest's book.