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a site on the internet where a number of users can communicate in real time (typically one dedicated to a particular topic)

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Multi bank and dealer chat rooms that allowed traders to speak to each other were banned.
At the heart of the issue are a series of investigations into exchange and currency rate manipulations that were conducted by way of chat rooms.
TechCrunch last week reported Facebook is testing out a chat room product, codenamed Host Chat, to 'stimulate' viral discussions among friends, allowing them to add their friends into the chat rooms - reminiscent of the old AOL chat rooms.
The Standing Committee on Advertising also will consider adopting a proposed advisory opinion regarding specific questions relating to an attorney's participation in chat rooms based on inquiries from The Florida Bar Board of Governors and a member of The Florida Bar, at a meeting to be held via conference call on May 13.
Online teen chat rooms generally don't have specific topics but, like message boards, attract a wide range of kids and present both helpful and hurtful communications.
Internet chat rooms can be very safe, but they are not reliable.
Just as chat rooms have their own style of conversation, they have their own conventions.
Proxy servers and chat rooms are not the only Internet-based approaches Pirouznia's group uses.
I have picked up some negative "noise" in the chat rooms about an Internet course meaning that students should be able to do the course at their own speed, but I stress that an Internet course provides freedom from location constraints, not necessarily from time constraints.
Media, publishing and Internet chat rooms are monitored and censored; if the government had wanted to kill the discussion, it could have.
Many people believe that chat rooms are unsafe, but as long as you are responsible and do not give out any personal details, such as your phone number or address, they are perfectly safe.
The site featured links for chat rooms for about nearly 100 Southern California middle and high schools, particularly in the San Fernando Valley.
Women tend to be more drawn to the topic areas of our chat rooms, so they will go and chat about what it's like to be an ex-Catholic, for example.
Girls often do not know what to do when they are sexually harassed in chat rooms.
Augen Batou, a Bellarmine Jefferson High School sophomore who does his homework almost every day at the Burbank Central Library, said the online program perfectly suits today's young people who have grown up with chat rooms and instant messaging.