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Synonyms for chasm

Synonyms for chasm

something of immeasurable and vast extent

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a deep opening in the earth's surface

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Tourists who are disabled or elderly will soon be able to enjoy the beauty and wonder of Standley Chasm in Central Australia with construction beginning on new wheelchair accessible walking trails at the attraction.
The exciting new trail project is stage three of the development at Standley Chasm and includes upgrades to the 1.
The chasms are the longest ever observed in the solar system, NASA said.
But as Charon cooled over time, this ocean would have frozen and expanded (as happens when water freezes), lifting the outermost layers of the moon and producing the massive chasms we see today, NASA said.
Those geologic features are often carved into bedrock that's millions of years old, but new data hint that at least some of the chasms are much younger, says Luke J.
Results from the Mather Gorge samples indicate that the chasm eroded downward between 37,000 and 13,000 years ago at a rate of about 80 centimeters per millennium.
For Jesus had done away with the concept 'guilt' itself--he had denied any chasm between God and man, he lived this unity of God and man as his 'glad tidings.
In the guilt she feels for having killed God she has dug a chasm that separates herself from God even as God had just collapsed such a chasm.
Computer science has been subject to demands from pragmatists for a long time and has struggled across several small chasms along the way The earlier crossings were the marriage of the separate roots of mathematics, electrical engineering, and science into the single discipline of computer science (1960s), embracing systems into the core of computing (1970s), embracing computational science (1980s), and embracing various branches of engineering such as software, computer, database, network, graphics, and workflow (1990s).
Light red colors show off the highest altitudes, while blue signifies the deepest chasms.
Jean Holder expressed the view that chasms cannot be crossed by little jumps and this commitment by former fierce competitors to work together to transform the landscape of Caribbean air transportation, represents the kind of bold and creative approach needed to make a difference in the area of regional air transportation which to date has been characterized by significant failure.
But underwater turbidity currents may have played a role in carving the canyon's deepest chasms.
Diving into the unexplored liquid space that exists just beneath the surface of our planet, DEEP BLUE explores awesome realms where humans, and especially cameras, have rarely dared to go: darting with lightning speed through fierce schools of sharks, riding over stormy waves with massive killer whales, fighting for survival with families of polar bears and seals, and even plunging into pitch-black chasms that are home to wild, alien-like creatures so rare they have never been seen before on film.
Technology strategists, beware: Other chasms exist beyond the gap separating early adopters and pragmatically minded customers.
In the cover story of this special supplement, editor-in-chief David Stodder said, "While the database industry's monsters of the midway take measure of each other's might and muscle, little Illustra Information Technologies is busy filling niches that will soon become yawning chasms of market demand.