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the principles of a body of 19th century English reformers who advocated better social and economic conditions for working people

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They are John Codd; David Davies, of Waunhelygen, Brynmawr; his son David; Evan Davies, a collier; John Davis, a carpenter and Chartist secretary from Pontnewynydd; William Evans, a Tredegar miner; Blackwood collier William Farraday; John Jonathan, believed to be from Blaina; and William Griffiths, thought to be from Merthyr Tydfil and whose Chartist lodge number was 657.
overwhelming effects of isolation, and the plight of fellow Chartists,
Vanden Bossche illustrates the interconnections between newspapers and novels, Tories and Whigs, parliamentarians and Chartists, canonical and now obscure authors.
The exhibition outside the Commons chamber should inspire today's politicians - men and women who no longer require a property qualification - to live up to the hopes of the Chartists and others who toiled for democracy.
5) Contemporary descriptions of O'Brien are largely unfavorable and he receives scant attention in the memoirs of other Chartists, probably because of his estrangement from the mainstream movement.
Wheeler's serial novel was addressed to his fellow Chartists and insurgents; Elizabeth Storie and Mary Prince addressed their appeals to those who might have power to influence public opinion or alter laws--that is, those of superior social status.
The combined strategies of operative agents' chartists and fundamentalists, in the financial markets in general and optional in particular, determine the process of the conditional volatility that comes from a strategic synthesis.
The Chartists never realized their goal of becoming a political party, but the movement is credited with fueling the success of universal suffrage in the United Kingdom and beyond.
Universal suffrage for men (the Chartists thought they were more likely to win this, than they were obtaining suffrage for men and women) arrived in 1918, and for women in 1928.
TECHNICALS Chartists said the Euro STOXX 50, the euro zone's blue-chip index, was approaching "oversold territory", with the Relative Strength Index at 35.
While the movement occasionally flirted with the idea of armed conflict, many individual Chartists decided to arm themselves for their own defence in response to the dangers to their homes and liberties that government and its array of force seemed to constitute.
The Chartists recognised this in the designation 'Chartist and Something More'--something more than a reform of the procedure for registering votes.
Frost at the Westgate, by Vic Mills, tells of the historic events of the Newport Uprisings led by John Frost and the Chartists.
Dorothy Thompson provided us with a great understanding of the problems which the Chartists faced in terms of their ability to organize themselves as they embarked on their quest for the "Six Points" to become law.