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a 19th century English reformer who advocated better social and economic conditions for working people

a stock market analyst who tries to predict market trends from graphs of recent prices of securities

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University of South Wales historian, Dr Rachel Lock-Lewis, said there were 50 Chartist lodges in South Wales in 1839.
Garrison Barclay Estates development director Ian Carter confirmed they were also in talks with leading hotel operators in the hope of creating a hotel of up to 160 bedrooms across 11 floors of Chartist Tower.
influence and agency, reflecting the Chartist perception of the active
The village became known for its radicalism and the inn for its Chartist and similar meetings.
Barnaby Rudge thus combines Whig arguments that Tories provoke popular discontent with Chartist calls for an alliance with the bourgeoisie.
Years later, he encounters the chartist again and sends a message to his love via the chartist.
The one-foot sheet, sold on the streets, gives a chilling insight into the unrest which gripped Birmingham as Chartist rallies were dispersed and the speakers arrested.
4) For a long time (from the 1840s to the 1940s), O'Brien was regarded as central to Chartism, especially by writers on the political left; yet he has no entry so far in the important Dictionary of Labour Biography, which began publication in 1972, and, in general, he has been marginalized in recent Chartist scholarship.
The topic includes not only the better-known Chartist poetry, including such justly admired works as Thomas Coopers Purgatory of Suicides and Ernest Jones's The Revolt of Hindustan, but also the many forms of political and non-political writing by working-class authors which flourished throughout the century.
Therefore, agent Chartist reflects the asymmetry of volatility mainly explained by the effect of feedback-and leverage.
I can't help but draw some parallels between the Chartist movement of 19th-century Britain, and the current Occupy Wall Street movement.
The agitations in the Bull Ring (and elsewhere) were put down by the police, the land reform movement was declared illegal in the courts, and a number of the Chartist leaders were imprisoned.
TWO years have elapsed since the leader of Merthyr council, Councillor Jeff Edwards, declared "that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure the preservation" of the historic Georgian Grade-II listed building, Vulcan House, the former home of the Chartist leader Matthew John, the last living Merthyr Chartist, who died in Vulcan House in 1888.
com/topics/List_of_suffragists_ and_suffragettes Elsewhere in Victorian times the Chartist Movement was enormously important in attempting to allow ordinary people a say in the running of the country and attracted thousands of supporters, particularly in the burgeoning towns and cities of Victorian England.