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black substance containing char in the form of carbonized bone

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Mr Murillo said the high level of degradation of the charred bones and teeth made it impossible to identify whether they were the students.
the timing and patterning of human presence through direct dating of the 'Red Lady' himself, charred bone and ivory/bone artefacts
But he saw four piles of charred bones and skulls, with the victims appearing to be hugging each other.
DUSTBINS Police later took away "33 pounds of charred bones, 11 pounds of human hair, including more than 10 whole scalps, and three dustbins full of pieces too small to identify".
The charred bones and thick ashes are still found at some ruins that hint at the story of the horrible religious persecutions dating back to 525 AD.
Further discoveries of charred bones and stone tools on Flores suggest that 'hobbits' lived there from about 95,000 years ago to at least 13,000 years ago.
Several weeks later, forensics experts using dental records determined the charred bones belonged to Mr.
It added a German historian, acting on information from a British colleague, had found wreckage from Warburton's azure blue Lockheed F-5 Lightning as well as several broken and charred bones that experts said testified to the force of the crash.
Carr notes that there is evidence of cooking in the hearth, which contains the charred bones of several small mammals.
The Central Criminal Court was told the alleged murderers later dug up fatherof-four Bernard Brian McGrath, burned his body over a number of days, smashed his charred bones and reburied them.
James finds a pile of charred bones near their home, wife Adele, played by Coyote Ugly star Maria Bello, starts painting disturbing pictures and son Sam suffers fits and visions.