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Charpy Impact Test and Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness Test Results.
In our study, the focus of the mechanical testing was the fracture mechanics analysis of Charpy impact tests.
In this study, the optimum mechanical properties results obtained in the tensile test, flexural test, hardness test, and charpy impact test were depicted using 3 Dimension (or 3-D) Cartesian graph.
Plastic [eta]-factor for Three-Point Bend Specimen: Analysis of Instrumented Charpy Impact Test Results for AISI 308 Weld and AISI 316 Stainless Steels, International Journal of Fracture 101(3): 215-228.
But using the chemically treated fiber in sudden loadings caused decrease in resistance evident from Charpy impact test.
Effects of the striking edge radius and asymmetrical strikes on Charpy impact test results.
Material used in Test F4, which tested the effect of test temperature on impact resistance, also was submitted to low temperature Charpy impact test (Table 4).
Charpy impact test were conducted on a CEAST Resil Impactor instrument according to the EN ISO 179 standard with notched and unnotched specimens.
Effects of the striking edge radius and asymmetrical strikes on Charpy impact test results, In: Pendulum impact machines: Procedures and specifications for verification.
Because of its experience with high specification jobs, the firm had in place the necessary testing and finishing procedures, such as magnetic particle inspection, radiographic inspection, tensile tests, chemical tests, hardness report and Charpy impact test.
Finally, the specimens for both Izod impact test and Charpy impact test were molded by using a plastics injection machine.
From the 3-mm sections, subsize Charpy impact test specimens measuring 2.
In this study, the reactive processing agents for PLA/PCL blends were screened by torque measurements conducted using an internal mixer and a Charpy impact test.
The specially machined Charpy impact test specimen (V-notch or keyhole) is placed in position and the heavy head or pendulum of the impact testing machine is released so that it swings downward and fractures the test piece in a guillotine-like stroke.
Further, we will also use this opportunity to explore the potential of using the razor-notched Charpy impact test (ASTM F2231) as a predictor of pipe RCP performance.