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French revolutionary heroine (a Girondist) who assassinated Marat (1768-1793)

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As we were affected by the former I studied the French Revolution under an excellent history teacher so I never forgot that Charlotte Corday killed Jean-Paul Marat in 1793 in his bath.
Charlotte Corday no intenta una fuga, pues no tiene como escapar rapidamente a un pais enemigo de la Revolucion.
If they let Charlotte Corday into a bloke's bathroom they shouldn't object to Charlotte Church.
Scholars know very little about dramas depicting Charlotte Corday and Marat since in the 1790s they were performed outside of London or in unlicensed playhouses.
Rockerlong and Gai Bulga (both Listed), Charlotte Corday (Listed-placed), and to the dam of Superstar Leo (Gr2 winner, Gr1-placed).
On a sprawling multiuse soundstage containing various generic-looking sets (sunroom, basketball court, proscenium stage), a group of performers enact the various possibilities of Sullivan's system: twenty-five permutations derived from applying each of the five styles to the five different tasks (Annie and Helen in Birdie Jo Hoaks style, Charlotte Corday in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
City Council Players Present the Death of Murat Sade,'' with Mark Ridley-Thomas in the title role, Chief Legislative Analyst Ron Deaton as Charlotte Corday and the rest of the council as various inmates of the asylum.
Also on This Day: 1525: Cardinal Wolsey founded Christ Church, Oxford, as Cardinal College; 1558: The Spanish and English armies defeated the French at Gravelines; 1643: The Parliamentarians were defeated at the Battle of Devizes; 1793: Charlotte Corday murdered Jean Paul Marat in his bath; 1811: Birth of architect Sir George Gilbert Scott; 1837: Queen Victoria went to live in Buckingham Palace; 1922: France II, the world's largest sailing vessel weighing 5,806 tons, was wrecked off the coast of New Caledonia; 1933: Nazis ban all other political parties in Germany.
During the French Revolution, Charlotte Corday was hailed as a "virgin martyr" and courageous modern Judith by the opponents of Marat.
Marat had been assassinated, stabbed to death in his bath, by the treacherous Charlotte Corday d'Armont.
In his depiction of the murderess/heroine Charlotte Corday, Carlyle captures the ability of a woman to transform easily from one nature to another without a noticeable change in her physical characteristics, and he also describes how Marat readily succumbed to her request to visit him, which resulted in his death at the hands of this seemingly innocent young woman.
John Dunlop, trainer of Orchestra Stall, also scored with Nwaamis, who pipped Charlotte Corday on his first run since last May.
The French revolutionary leader, having dragged a huge number of aristocrats to the guillotine, was murdered in his bath by his girlfriend, Charlotte Corday.
This innovative app, available in English and in October in French, brings history alive through the voice of Charlotte Corday, an infamous figure of the French Revolution.
1793 - Jean Paul Marat, French revolutionary leader, was stabbed to death in the bath by Charlotte Corday.
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