Charles the Bald

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as Charles II he was Holy Roman Emperor and as Charles I he was king of France (823-877)

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It therefore comes as something of a surprise to read Celia Chazelle's magnificent exegesis of an ivory crucifixion scene originally made for Charles the Bald (now the cover of the Pericopes of Henry II in Munich).
In the San Callisto Bible Charles the Bald (King of the Western Franks 840-77 and Emperor 875-77) and his bodyguards are shown dressed in Frankish-style clothing as a sign that they were the Chosen People, but after his coronation in Rome, as related by the chronicler of the Annales Fuldenses, Charles repudiated the Frankish connection in favor of the Greek (Byzantine) and dressed accordingly to express this.
The appearance of the word in a letter of King Charles the Bald may also suggest Eriugena's authorship of that letter.
Cardiff-based numismatist Edward Besley said: ``This is a fragment of a coin with the imprint of Charles the Bald, who was the king of Aquitaine in France, between 848AD and 877AD.
Articles on individual manuscripts and other single items include a reinterpretation of the famous Vienna portrait of a `lady reading by a window', arguing that it is Mary of Burgundy, daughter of Charles the Bald and bride of Duke Maximilian of Austria, rather than Margaret of York, the presentation of a newly discovered Mosan enamel binding in St Petersburg (s.