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United States explorer of Antarctica (1798-1877)


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Charles Wilkes, is best known for discovering Antarctica, and he holds an honored place in history for sighting land on Jan.
1840 Captain Charles Wilkes discovered the coast of Antarctica.
Presented in this volume are twelve biographies of men who built up America's overseas territories: Charles Wilkes, Richard W.
Under Charles Wilkes and Maury, it quickly moved beyond this restricted use to extend its work to geomagnetic, astronomical, and meteorological observations that soon brought it into the forefront of scientific research, bringing global credit to the U.
When Lieutenant Charles Wilkes set out as the head of the four-year "America's first ocean-going voyage of discovery" in 1838, his mandate was to see if a continent existed at the South Pole (yes--Antarctica), to survey and map unclaimed islands and the mouth of the Columbia River, and to collect specimens of all kinds.
Charles Wilkes (1798-1877) was appointed midshipman a year before Ringgold in 1818 and lieutenant two years before Ringgold in 1826.
Charles Wilkes explored much of the continent's coastline in 1839.
In 1838 navy lieutenant Charles Wilkes commanded the first U.