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King of France from 1560 to 1574 whose reign was dominated by his mother Catherine de Medicis (1550-1574)


King of France who began his reign with most of northern France under English control


as Charles II he was Holy Roman Emperor and as Charles I he was king of France (823-877)

King of England and Scotland and Ireland during the Restoration (1630-1685)


son of James I who was King of England and Scotland and Ireland

the eldest son of Elizabeth II and heir to the English throne (born in 1948)

French physicist and author of Charles's law which anticipated Gay-Lussac's law (1746-1823)

king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor

a river in eastern Massachusetts that empties into Boston Harbor and that separates Cambridge from Boston

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There has been a great deal of scholarly research on the Empire from Charles V to Francis II since the 1970s and recent studies have tried to offset this imbalance.
Relations between the Hungarian magnates and the HRE were always uncertain since the time of Charles V.
The final chapter, " The Presentation of the Emperor," deals with visual representations of Charles V, which cast him variously as the Defender of the Faith, a crusader, and the lancewielding miles Christi.
Moreover, her meticulous, careful documentation and exhaustive tables of lists are certain to make Music and Ceremony at the Court of Charles V an indispensible reference for performers and for scholars in a variety of humanistic disciplines.
19) Several compositions in the Grandes chroniques' frontispiece resemble images from the life of Saint Louis in another manuscript in Charles' library, Queen Jeanne d'Evreux's book of hours (not on display at the Getty exhibition), which Jeanne, the last Capetian queen, bequeathed to Charles V when she died in 1371.
23) Had Charles V consulted this manuscript, he would have found other visualisations that both sanctified history and historicised hagiography.
With this edition of his most important didactic poem, Gonzalez Manjarrez hopes to vindicate Laguna and his treatise on the lament at the failure of imperial European unification under Charles V.
A rebellious teenager whose mother died when he was twenty, Maximilian served in the army of his uncle Emperor Charles V as a cavalry division commander in the 1540s before briefly ruling as co-regent in Spain with his wife, Charles V's daughter Marfa.
Pier Luigi, the Pope's son, was invested as duke in 1545; his reign was cut short when he was assassinated (1547) by the opposition, led by Ferrante Gonzaga, Governor of Milan and the "longa manus" of Emperor Charles V.
In the 1520s, the Republic aspired to play the role of a great power -- or at least that of an independent, balancing force between France and the Spanish-Habsburg Empire; but its refusal to commit its troops to battle fatally weakened the political coalitions opposing Charles V and thereby significantly contributed to the rise of Habsburg hegemony in Italy.
Cuneo argues persuasively that it must have been the Wittelsbach duke of Bavaria, Wilhelm IV (despised by Breu as both arrogant and cruel) who commissioned Breu's woodcut series commemorating the entry of Charles V into Augsburg to open the critical Diet of 1530.
The Picentines were responding to the seizure and eight-day sack of Rome in 1527 by an undisciplined army serving the emperor Charles V.
From his royal visage and equestrian skills to the excellence of his extended family, Charles V is a perfect example, she concludes, of how external happiness complements internal virtues as the very essence of the "Heroical Prince.
Given this emphasis on the economic side, it is hardly surprising that Scholzen basically reduces Sickingen's downfall to a bad business decision, namely his granting the emperor Charles V an unsecured loan of 100,000 florins.