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United States physicist who developed the laser and maser principles for producing high-intensity radiation (1915-)

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Building on the maser, the microwave version of Einstein's idea, Maiman demonstrated that light could mimic the sharp beam of microwaves developed a few years earlier by Charles Townes (see Page 36) and others.
One example is the award of this year's Templeton Prize to a Berkeley Nobel laureate in physics, Charles Townes, for his work on the compatibility of faith and science.
Astronomy is good for getting young people interested in science and encouraging the public to understand science,'' said Charles Townes, a UC Berkeley professor and Nobel laureate who directs an observatory interferometer used to measure stars.
Nobel laureate Charles Townes, describing the use of LASERs in medicine, remarded, "If I were looking for a cure for detached retina, I don't think we will be fooling around with molecular excitations .
Rubin, Charles Townes, Fred Hoyle, Fritz Zwicky, and a few others.
event are Charles Townes, who won the Nobel Prize in 1964 for conceptualizing the maser, the precursor to the laser, and Kathleen Maiman, whose late husband, Theodore Maiman, demonstrated the first working laser at Hughes Research Labs on May 16, 1960.
Obituaries in Holography News[R] are usually of holographers, but we can't allow the death of Charles Townes to go un-noticed in these pages, for where would holography be without him?
One of these scientists, a young physicist named Charles Townes, had joined Columbia University and had become fascinated with how molecules absorb and emit energy.