Charles Taze Russell

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United States religious leader who founded the sect that is now called Jehovah's Witnesses (1852-1916)


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Which religion was founded by Charles Taze Russell in America in the 1870s?
Los Testigos de Jehova fueron fundados en Estados Unidos por Charles Taze Russell, un adventista hijo de presbiterianos que organizo en 1870 en Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, un curso para estudiar la Biblia.
Founded: 1872 by former Congregational layman Charles Taze Russell.
Jehovah's Witnesses are members of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society that was founded in the 1870s by Charles Taze Russell.
Using the subject of housekeeping as a launching point, Harrison (who cleaned seventeen rooms and made ten-four beds daily in the name of Jehovah at a Watchtower residence) attempts to understand women's place within the apocalyptic vision of this religion; the Witnesses' misogynistic roots are shown in lengthy quotations from the divorce proceedings of its founder, Charles Taze Russell.