Charles Stewart Parnell

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Irish nationalist leader (1846-1891)


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HAIR WE GO Clockwise from top left Gordon D'Arcy, Conor McGregor, Brendan Grace, Jamie Dornan, David Norris, Charles Stewart Parnell, Willie O'Dea and Gerry Adams are among Ireland's most recognisable bearded men
but when we look at the two waxworks who have destroyed the dying family's home their nameplates clearly say they are Charles Stewart Parnell and O'Donovan Rossa, two heroes who fought for Irish freedom.
35 Charles Stewart Parnell, a key figure in the Parliamentary struggle for Irish Home Rule, first became an MP for which constituency?
Stead would term, in 1886, "Government by Journalism"--and also of course, for the dramatic if short-lived ascendancy of Irish Parliamentary Party leader Charles Stewart Parnell, an astute co-dependant of Ireland's liberal provincial press.
Like so many other participants in the cultural revolution known as the "Irish Revival," Yeats believed that with the political collapse in 1891 of Charles Stewart Parnell (the leader of the Irish Party in the British Parliament and champion of Irish Home Rule), the ground on which the cause of Irish independence would be fought had shifted from the parliamentary to the cultural arena.
Never Call It Loving, by Dorothy Eden -- This novel dramatizes the tragic love affair between Charles Stewart Parnell and Kitty O'Shea, which ends Parnell's political career, holding together the Irish Home Rule party and acting as a major irritant to the English government.
Thus, Belfast playwright Stewart Parker rubs shoulders with Parliament na mBan, a seventeenth-century didactic text in Gaelic, and with nineteenth-century nationalist leader Charles Stewart Parnell, while the entry on Brian Friel's early play Crystal and Fox is flanked by Cu Chulainn, the mythical hero of the Ulster cycle, and the nineteenth-century journalist and novelist Eyre Evans Crowe.
What became Ireland's national theater grew out of the "literary revival" (itself a three-page entry beginning on page 311), the modern Irish literary movement that began after the fall of the nationalist Charles Stewart Parnell (page 465) in 1890.
It is sad that the Irish leader best remembered is Charles Stewart Parnell.
Previous recipients of the freedom of the town include Eamon De Valera, Charles Stewart Parnell and Pope John Paul II in a tradition which goes back hundreds of years.
The family's political allegiances were plastered on to her father's name, Charles Stewart Parnell FitzSimons.
Charles Stewart Parnell and his times; a bibliography.
A BRITISH Prime Minister put the life of Queen Victoria at risk in a bid to destroy Charles Stewart Parnell.
Charles Stewart Parnell MP, the uncrowned king of Ireland, launched an aggressive bid to win home rule in 1877.
IN 1880, the adulterous romance between Charles Stewart Parnell and Katharine O'Shea shocked Victorian society.