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at the Charles Ringling Mansion; recital with Federico Agostini and Derek Han is at 7 p.
Among them are Impressionist paintings by Blanche Hoschede-Monet, stepdaughter of Claude Monet, and Ernest Lawson, a member of the group of artists who were known as The Eight, as well as four Rembrandt sketches and a lovely small portrait of Peter Paul Rubens that was formerly in the collection of Charles Ringling North.
In the first week of December, the Charles Ringling mansion at New College of Florida was the site of two stunning evenings.
Resplendent in holiday finery, partiers sipped champagne inside the Charles Ringling mansion, then walked outside, where a fairy-tale tent sparkled by the bay.
La Musica International Chamber Music Festival supporters enjoyed a dazzling dinner at the Charles Ringling House, preceded by a Sonata a Due performance by Federico Agostini and Derek Han.
Join SARASOTA Magazine at the 30th annual celebration held at the Charles Ringling Mansion on Sarasota Bay.
The gardens of the Charles Ringling mansion became L'Orangerie for Pique-nique sur la baie, held to benefit the New College Library Association and the college's Jane Bancroft Cook Library.
Turn left at the New College sign and follow the road to the Charles Ringling mansion on the bay.
that day at the Charles Ringling Mansion (College Hall) and on the bayfront grounds.
A new moon and the first star hung over the Charles Ringling Mansion for the 38th annual Mistletoe Ball, the largest ever, with nearly 500 guests.
La Musica International Chamber Music Festival fans gathered for Sonata a Due at the Charles Ringling Mansion, an evening offering wine, dinner and a recital providing an "Armchair Tour" of Europe: The event leads off the festival's 20th season.
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