Charles Follen McKim

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United States neoclassical architect (1847-1909)


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Morgan once advised Charles McKim "that the decoration of the library should whisper and not shout.
The Making of the Morgan from Charles McKim to Renzo Piano
The show proves that Oregon had its own impressionists, such as Charles McKim, who came out here from New England in 1911 and helped found the Society of Oregon Artists.
It is an oddity that Charles McKim, William Mead, and Stanford White represented three of America's principal founding cultures, those of Quaker Philadelphia, Puritan New England, and mercantile New York, dominated by the high society of its Episcopalian elite.
The design calls for the preservation of the library's three building complex which includes the 1906 Charles McKim Building, the 1928 Annex and the 19th Century structure which served as the Morgan family residence--and the addition of a newly constructed, 75,000-square-foot multi-level structure that ties all the components together.
In a renewed bid for cultural parity with the great European capitals, Senator James McMillan appointed three prominent landscape Architects--Daniel Burnham, Charles McKim, and Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.