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English essayist (1775-1834)


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Edward Verrall Lucas, The Life of Charles Lamb (London: Methuen & Co.
A complete essay is included by Charles Lamb, for instance, because it contains, so Lamb tells his readers, one paragraph by Hazlitt.
Of course, this is not the same thing as saying the persona is to be accepted au pied de la lettre for Charles Lamb himself.
Rarely do we encounter the wisdom of Francis Bacon or the wit of Charles Lamb, but John Whitehead offers a wide choice of interesting subject matter.
The Herb Shop, and Nature's Own -- Distributors ($2,254): Texas Health and Ozark Cooperative Warehouse -- Individuals and Businesses ($1,550): Hoshi Motors, Lopata Kitchen En'Counters, Anthony Mayer, Kenneth & Michelle Stephens, Marcia & Charles Lamb, Hazel Thornley, Jeannette & Paul Petrica, Maria Ossmann, Linda & Jessee Lutz and Virginia Hersch Other members of the natural products community have contributed in different ways.
21 Cross Hill House, Stanhope, is available to rent on an unfurnished basis, for pounds 600pcm, through Charles Lamb, tel: 0191 281 6200.
In the foreground of James Gillray's Anti-Jacobin cartoon "The New Morality," Charles Lamb and Charles Lloyd, caricatured as "Toad & Frog" and surrounded by Liberty Caps and Sansculottes, croak out passages from their 1797 collection Blank Verse.
In the end, I think that over the course of interpretations of Sheridan's The School for Scandal, from the earliest reviews to contemporary criticism, the one who gets it most nearly right is Charles Lamb, whose reminiscence of having seen the play years before is at once deeply nostalgic but also slyly resistant to current productions.
In September 1796, when she was 31 years old, Lamb stabbed and killed her paralyzed mother, then lived the rest of her 40-some years with her younger brother Charles Lamb, the writer, and despite her episodes created a happy, productive life.
Among the 2004 recipients are five winners of BP's Freedom Award Essay competition, and the winner of the 2004 BP Charles Lamb scholarship.
He became notorious for killing the zoo's Indian rhinoceros and was immortalised in books by Charles Dickens and Charles Lamb.
The essays of Charles Lamb and William Hazlitt contain many metaphors, similes, and poetic images that emphasize and develop important ideas, serve as a structural principle in paragraphs and entire pieces, and often imply criticism of the writers' society.
In later centuries, Coleridge, Shelley, Charles Lamb and de Quincey were all fascinated by dreams, nightmares and waking visions.
Apartment 2, in Wood Street, is available to rent immediately on an unfurnished basis for pounds 600pcm, through Charles Lamb.
Charles Lamb feasting on egg-nog and welsh rarebit with Coleridge in the "Salutation and Cat," or, later on, prompted into ecstasy by Thomas Manning's presents of brawn and snipes.