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English statesman who supported American independence and the French Revolution (1749-1806)


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Minton Bisque models of Charles James Fox, left, and William Pitt
Winch's description of Malthus as a 'Foxite Whig' may sound inconsistent since Charles James Fox (1749-1806) was famous as a most earnest sympathiser of the French revolution, whilst Malthus's first Essay on Population is widely known as a counter-revolutionary work, similar in some ways to Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790).
This was one of the many prints attacking the Duchess's active support of Charles James Fox in the Westminster election of 1784.
May I quote from the words of Charles James Fox, speaking to the House of Commons on December 1, 1783.
The historic building was originally built in 1760 by Lord Holland, father of Charles James Fox, as an imitation of a castle from the Norman era.
Pitt has blackmailed Charles James Fox (Robert Machray) into trying to coax his buddy Sheridan to vote against recognizing the newly installed populist government in France.
This was the birthday of Whig leader Charles James Fox, and was marked by large public dinners in London and other British cities long after his death in 1806.
Two hundred and ninety three cartoons commented on, and outrageously misrepresented, his career, only one less than the Prince of Wales himself though still substantially below Charles James Fox.
He is adept at capturing the unchanging view of the King and his sycophants, at the same time showing the efforts of the opposition to the war by such leading Britishers as William Pitt, Edmund Burke, and Charles James Fox.
Late eighteenth-century views of child-rearing were varied enough to encompass the experiences of both Mary Martha Sherwood, who was strapped into an iron collar and blackboard at the age of 6, and Charles James Fox, whose freedom was such that he once climbed into a large bowl of cream in the middle of a state banquet.
El nombre de Vicente Fox no aparece hasta el ano 1990 en ningun directorio politico mexicano; solo se puede precisar en la Enciclopedia Espasa --octava edicion, pagina 518-- que su apellido puede ser de origen ingles, pues un Charles James Fox, nacido en Westminster, cerca de Londres en 1749, fue partidario de la independencia americana, y la Espasa dice: ".
Parker has cataloged this wealth of primary and secondary materials in his Lord Curzon 1859-1925: A Bibliography--the sixth title in Greenwood Publishing's series "Bibliographies of British Statesmen," following volumes on William Pitt the Younger, Lord Grenville, Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, and Charles James Fox.
There were Tories, Toryish Whigs - like Grenville, Foreign Secretary to Pitt during the French Revolutionary Wars of the 1790s - and liberal Whig supporters of Charles James Fox, lifelong rival and opponent of Pitt, outspoken defender of revolutionaries - American and French alike - but at one with Grenville on slave trade abolition and Catholic civil rights.
As biographer of both Charles James Fox and Lord Melbourne, Mitchell is well qualified to answer that question.
3hh chestnut was pressed into action when Sophie's own ride Charles James Fox went lame in June, after winning a junior regional novice competition at Hambledon one day event in Surrey.