Charles Francis Hall

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United States explorer who led three expeditions to the Arctic (1821-1871)


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On page 131, he has Frederick Schwatka reaching "Erebus Bay itself," which is located on the west coast of King William Island, and there discovering a cairn built by Charles Francis Hall.
In 1860, American explorer Charles Francis Hall became attached to an Inuit couple from Cumberland Sound, whose names were recorded as "Ebierbing" and "Tookoolito.
Perhaps some acknowledgement should have been made that the word angakkuq (shaman) had earlier been anglicized as a verb by Charles Francis Hall and already formed part of the pidgin in use in Baffin Island.
He will best be remembered by Arctic historians as the author of Weird and Tragic Shores: The Story of Charles Francis Hall (Loomis, 1971) and an extended essay, The Arctic Sublime (Loomis, 1977).
Five expeditions to the Arctic helped to inspire his best-known work, Weird and Tragic Shores, which focuses on the mysterious death of Charles Francis Hall on the west coast of Greenland in 1871.
The author has provided the most succinct account yet of these early explorations, covering the fine seamanship of Edward Inglefield, Elisha Kent Kane, Isaac Israel Hayes, Charles Francis Hall, and Sir George Nares.