Charles Fourier

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French sociologist and reformer who hoped to achieve universal harmony by reorganizing society (1772-1837)

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Para Charles Fourier, que se tornou um critico mordaz daquilo que tomou por seita e patriarcado sansimoneano, a solucao para o impasse gerado com a revolucao francesa estaria na superacao da Civilizacao.
Charles Fourier, the Utopian Socialist most beloved by surrealists, had a philosophy of history with ascending and descending arcs.
Asia; and Jean Charles Fourier as director of strategic project
The UAE-based telco appointed Ahmed AlHashemi as senior VP, commercial, Asia; Faiez Awadh as senior VP, HR business optimization, Asia; and Jean Charles Fourier as director of strategic project management, Asia.
From the vantage point of the twenty-first century, it is difficult to determine whether Charles Fourier was a singular, marvelous crackpot or simply a natural product of a now alien era.
Charles Fourier is the subject of Yves Wahl's essay.
Fourteen of the children were later released, but six remained inside the Charles Fourier school.
The incident took place at the Charles Fourier pre-school in Planoise, an area of housing schemes with a big immigrant population on the west edge of the town.
30am French time when the teenager entered Charles Fourier School with two swords.
According to The Guardian, the teenager initially took 20 children hostage at the Charles Fourier pre-school in the city of Besancon at 9a.
La modernite contradictoire de Zola s'impose enfin dans la tension discursive entre l'heritage religieux et l'enthousiasme laic, illustree par l'iconographie du mythe du "Grand soir" dans Germinal (David Baguley) ou par le transfert sacral des vertus cardinales qui accomplit, dans le contexte millenariste des Quatre Evangiles, l'ancienne utopie des phalansteres de Charles Fourier (Julia Przybos).
French utopian socialist and philosopher Charles Fourier is credited by scholars with having originated the word feminism in 1837.
For instance, his 2003 tour de force Happiness (finally) after 35,000 Years of Civilization, an 18-minute digital projection on a handmade paper screen, brought to life outsider artist Henry Darger's drawings by setting them on the ideas of nineteenth-century French utopian socialist philosopher Charles Fourier.
On y rencontre non seulement Lamartine, Eugene Sue, George Sand et Francois Buloz, mais aussi les phares du socialisme militant et ouvrier : Louis Blanc, Charles Fourier, Agricol Perdiguier, Victor Considerant sans oublier Prosper Enfantin et Eugenie Niboyet.
Kendrick reviews the long history of utopianism and its advocates with special emphasis on the writings that appeared during the Renaissance and the nineteenth century--from Thomas More to Charles Fourier and William Morris.