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United States painter best known for his portraits of George Washington (1755-1828)

a member of the royal family that ruled Scotland and England

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the royal family that ruled Scotland from 1371-1714 and ruled England from 1603 to 1649 and again from 1660 to 1714

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1745: Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie), with only seven men, landed in Scotland, quickly raised an army and marched South in the third rebellion.
In turn, it is Petrie's Bonnie Prince Charlie rather than Blanchet's Charles Edward Stuart that in the popular imagination is the recognisable Jacobite icon today.
The third biography is Frank McLynn's Bonnie Prince Charlie: Charles Edward Stuart ([pounds sterling]15.
Parenthetically, many Highlanders supported Charles Edward Stuart in his abortive attempt in 1745 to win back the Scottish crown.
Not until the defeat in 1746 of the forces of Charles I's great-grandson, Charles Edward Stuart, "Bonnie Prince Charlie," did the idea of Charles I's direct descendants as the rightful successors to his throne gradually fade away.
According to the letter, the Scottish rebel Prince Charles Edward Stuart, aka Bonnie Prince Charlie, stopped at a tavern in Forres on his way to the Battle of Cullodon, which ended in defeat by the English army and his flight into exile.
The notion that the Presbyterians opposed to the 1707 Union could be seen as Jacobites is hard to reconcile with the experience of the Covenanters in the late seventeenth century, while the Republican thrust of Irish nationalism seems far removed from the campaign of Prince Charles Edward Stuart (as Pittock concedes, 'Irish Jacobitism was strong, but its strength was substantively that of its adjective').
Foremost among the latter is an engraving of Charles Edward Stuart (shown in illus.
Home entered the church, then fought against the Jacobites in the 1745 uprising led by Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie).
In his old age, in permanent exile in Italy, the land of his birth, Charles Edward Stuart, once known as the Young Pretender, forever romanticized as Bonni Prince Charlie, spent much of his time reading; among the works a recent biographer calls his "particular favourites," one title stands out--Tom Jones.
The name arose because he eventually had a son, Charles Edward Stuart (1720-1788), who was called the Young Pretender.
DRAMBUIE was created more than 260 years ago exclusively for Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland.
Simon Vickers, book specialist at Lyon & Turnbull, said: "The allure of Charles Edward Stuart, the 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' of legend, and his ill-starred campaign in 1745-46 t still holds sway 269 years after the crushing defeat of the the Jacobites at Culloden on April 16, 1746.
TODAY NATIONAL IN GUINEA BISSAU 1720: Charles Edward Stuart -Bonnie Prince Charlie, the "Young Pretender" - was born in Rome.
15 The Young -, nickname of Charles Edward Stuart (9)
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