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In 1867, at the age of thirty-five, Charles Dodgson began to photograph children naked--or sans habillement as he dubbed it coyly.
DAYOFTHE COVENANT(BAHA''I FAITH) 1864: Charles Dodgson presented a little girl called Alice Liddell with a story she had inspired him to write.
But the telling detail is that the illustrator, Oleg Lipchenko, a Ukrainian living in Toronto, has chosen to draw the actual little Alice Liddell, for whom Charles Dodgson imagined, wrote and named the original tale.
There has long been speculation about the relationship between Lewis Carroll - real name Charles Dodgson, a maths teacher at Oxford and friend of the Liddell family - and Alice.
Wilson is concerned with Charles Dodgson not as a famous author, but as a mathematician, which was.
She is adopted by the Liddell family, meets Charles Dodgson and tells him her story, but he gets it all wrong when he writes it down in a book.
These, too, emerge from a kind of confusion, this time between the identities of Henry Darger and Charles Dodgson.
His collection features much-sought-after photographs by William Henry Fox Talbot, David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, Calvert Richard Jones, Gustave LeGray, Roger Fenton, and Nadar, as well as later nineteenth- century prints by Julia Margaret Cameron and Charles Dodgson.
It was on that day, July 4, 1862, that Carroll, whose real name was Charles Dodgson, first told his story of Alice's Adventures Under Ground.
This is because it's said that it was on July 4, 1862, that Carroll, real name Charles Dodgson, took a then ten-year-old Alice Liddell and her sisters on an afternoon boating picnic along the River Thames from Folly Bridge, Oxford.
An aspiring Alice is needed to head a programme of events next month to mark the links between Charles Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, and the Sunderland area.
Alice Ltd was founded to make use of Llandudno's links with Carroll, aka Charles Dodgson, and the subject of the Alice books, his niece Alice Liddell.
at The Parsonage, Daresbury, Cheshire, the lady of the Rev Charles Dodgson, a son.