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Among the most famous are Lewis Carroll – real name Charles Dodgson and Mark Twain (Samuel Among the most famous are Lewis Carroll – real name Charles Dodgson and Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens).
The author of 'Alice in Wonderland' had penned the letter under his own name, Charles Dodgson, and said that he hates "being pointed out to, and stared at, by strangers, and treated as a 'lion'", the BBC reported.
Charles Dodgson (also known as Lewis Carroll) devised an efficient method for determining the day of the week given any date in the Gregorian calendar.
The mathematician Charles Dodgson wrote several things under his pen name of Lewis Carroll and among these were a series of pamphlets, often only a few pages long.
Charles Dodgson (better known as Lewis Carroll) was a fellow in mathematics at Oxford when he made the acquaintance of Alice Liddell, the six-year-old daughter of the dean of Christ Church.
Some are by recognized photographers, including Charles Dodgson and Julia Margaret Cameron.
DAYOFTHE COVENANT(BAHA''I FAITH) 1864: Charles Dodgson presented a little girl called Alice Liddell with a story she had inspired him to write.
But the telling detail is that the illustrator, Oleg Lipchenko, a Ukrainian living in Toronto, has chosen to draw the actual little Alice Liddell, for whom Charles Dodgson imagined, wrote and named the original tale.
There has long been speculation about the relationship between Lewis Carroll - real name Charles Dodgson, a maths teacher at Oxford and friend of the Liddell family - and Alice.
Wilson is concerned with Charles Dodgson not as a famous author, but as a mathematician, which was.
She is adopted by the Liddell family, meets Charles Dodgson and tells him her story, but he gets it all wrong when he writes it down in a book.
These, too, emerge from a kind of confusion, this time between the identities of Henry Darger and Charles Dodgson.
At the time of this memory I did not know that there had ever been a real little girl named Alice Liddell, daughter of the dean of Christ Church, Oxford, who first heard the story in a rowboat told to her by a man named Charles Dodgson.
Some of the photographs that Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) took of children are so good that they might have made his reputation even if he hadn't published a single word.