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French general and statesman who became very popular during World War II as the leader of the Free French forces in exile (1890-1970)

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Yet who would be in a better position to peaceably bring our troops home from Iraq with honor and minimal damage to military morale, a la Charles DeGaulle and 1950s Algeria?
The flight, which was en-route to Charles DeGaulle Airport and was carrying 136 passengers, touched down in Boston at approximately 20:00.
-- Thousands of customers worldwide, including new engagements with City of Paris, University of the South, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Asan Medical Center, the country of Singapore, Alstom, Charles DeGaulle Airport and City of Luzern.
American "arrogance" paved the road to Paris with burning German tanks and American blood, then we stepped aside so that Le Gran Fromage, Charles DeGaulle, and his snail-eating pals could pose under the Arc de Triomphe and pretend they did it all themselves....
Categorizations for leader cognitive styles, national identity conceptions are supported through the authors review of vocabulary from speeches and analyses of leader perspectives of Charles deGaulle, Pierre Mendes France, Robert Menzies, Johns Gorton, Gough Whitlam, Ambassador Julio Carasales, Antonia Careea and several significant players in the nuclear history of Argentina and India.
The coup was prompted by the announcement by French President Charles DeGaulle that he would permit a free and open vote in Algeria in which the people could choose independence or could choose to remain part of France.
Three large seaports line the French side of the English channel, a wide-gauge canal links the area to Dunkirk, Antwerp and Rotterdam, roads and rail lines are plentiful and Charles DeGaulle Airport is an hour away via the 200-mph train.
Charles DeGaulle, former French PM, praised the Citroen DS saloon for saving his life.
My choice for the jacket of this book would have been something like The Economist's November 28, 1968, cover, which showed the heads of Charles DeGaulle, Richard Nixon, and Harold Wilson bobbing among the waves, with the caption "It's much better to float." That is the message of the book for most countries: floating is better than a fixed-but-adjustable exchange rate regime, or a FBAR, to use Corden's abbreviation.
IT'Sno small irony that passengers looking to connect from Liverpool to a major international hub airport must take an easyJet flight to Amsterdam's Schipol airport or Charles deGaulle. Liverpool John LennonAirport wants to fix this anomaly with the intr oduction of a link with London Heathrow.
Charles DeGaulle once observed that ruling post-** France was a monumental challenge; what else, he said, would one expect from a country which produces 246 kinds of cheese?
Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Charles deGaulle, and Ronald Reagan--never allowed the media to get too familiar.
Sounding rather like the first page of Charles deGaulle's memoirs, an unnamed "Chicago journalist" suggested that the city was Daley's "`Our Lady of the Lake' ...
Tuve el gusto de conocer a Chou En lai y aun hoy en dia me admira Charles DeGaulle.