Charles de Gaulle

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French general and statesman who became very popular during World War II as the leader of the Free French forces in exile (1890-1970)

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The Concorde never came close to living up to its promise, and three decades and countless billions of dollars of taxpayer subsidies later, it was finally abandoned after a Concorde literally went down in flames at Charles de Gaul airport in July 2000.
Flights to Malaga, Madrid, Charles de Gaul, Arricefe (Lanzarote), Carcassonne, Alicante, Bergerac, Murcia, and Reus were cancelled.
When we finally landed at Charles De Gaul Airport, at 22.
Westwood, 44, of Sovereign Court, Jesmond, Newcastle, was caught as he attempted to fly out to Charles de Gaul Airport, in Paris, yesterday afternoon.
Forget cabbing it to Heathrow then doing the same all the way from Charles de Gaul into central Paris.