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English natural scientist who formulated a theory of evolution by natural selection (1809-1882)

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21 ( ANI ): Minister of State for Human Resource Development Satyapal Singh on Saturday claimed that Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution was "scientifically wrong" and needed to be changed in all the educational curriculums.
Charles Darwin's own reflections on his life and work, written between the ages of 67 and 71, must remain an important work of reference, whether in the history of ideas or in a portrait gallery of men.
Charles Darwin's ground-breaking voyage on The Beagle, during which he began to formulate his ideas about natural selection, was itself paid for by his father.
MODELS The woolen versions of Charles Darwin's collection.
This is a really beautiful book which gives a detailed account of Charles Darwin's activities and visits during his two month stay in Australia in 1836.
Charles Darwin's theory has been overwhelmingly endorsed by the world's scientific community and by the majority of Christians other than the creationist fringe.
A SPECIAL exhibition is on show in Middlesbrough to mark the bicentennial of Charles Darwin's birth, and highlight the decline in British moths.
At Thursday's event, history professor Keith Laybourn will talk about Charles Darwin's life and times, how his theories came about and how they were received by the world.
We are delighted the Royal Mint is part of Darwin200, which celebrates Charles Darwin's scientific ideas and their impact.
Charles Darwin's Recipe Book", a brilliantly presented compendium of recipes, culinary instructions and personal anecdotes about the every day life in the Charles Darwin household as recorded by his wife Emma Wedgwood Darwin.
The God-denying biologist gets into his stride in his second programme about Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution as he returns to Africa to ask: what does it mean to be evolved?
New three-part documentary series marking the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's (above) On the Origin of Species.
provides a research resource for high school students and undergraduates about Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species.
Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, conceived after his voyage to the Galapagos Islands, is a scientific achievement whose importance has reached mythic proportions.
Charles Darwin's The Voyage of the Beagle is a volume that reveals the genesis of a scientific theory as no other work has before or since and, as such, makes a fascinating companion to On the Origin of Species.