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King of France from 1560 to 1574 whose reign was dominated by his mother Catherine de Medicis (1550-1574)


King of France who began his reign with most of northern France under English control


as Charles II he was Holy Roman Emperor and as Charles I he was king of France (823-877)

King of England and Scotland and Ireland during the Restoration (1630-1685)


son of James I who was King of England and Scotland and Ireland

the eldest son of Elizabeth II and heir to the English throne (born in 1948)

French physicist and author of Charles's law which anticipated Gay-Lussac's law (1746-1823)

king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor

a river in eastern Massachusetts that empties into Boston Harbor and that separates Cambridge from Boston

References in classic literature ?
You can make little Charles do anything; he always minds you at a word.
I mean to go with you, Charles, for I am of no more use at home than you are.
He was to come to breakfast, but not at the Cottage, though that had been proposed at first; but then he had been pressed to come to the Great House instead, and he seemed afraid of being in Mrs Charles Musgrove's way, on account of the child, and therefore, somehow, they hardly knew how, it ended in Charles's being to meet him to breakfast at his father's.
When people wrote a letter Charles always asked what they wanted.
Now, Charles, you promised not to say those naughty--"
Charles, to steady them further, read the enclosure out loud: "A note in my mother's handwriting, in an envelope addressed to my father, sealed.
You are kind and good, Charles, and I esteem you highly--but ask no more, I beg of you.
Go on, Julia--my Julia," said Charles, in an unusually soft voice; "kill me at once, or bid me live
exclaimed Charles, in astonishment, "and have I then a rival, and a successful one too?
You know nothing about it," said Sir Charles, vexed by a sense that she was publicly making him ridiculous.
When Sir Charles saw Trefusis patting the bay he felt as much outraged as if Lady Brandon herself were being patted, and he felt bitterly towards her for permitting the familiarity.
Then a middle-aged laborer stepped from the road into the field, hat in hand, ducked respectfully, and said: "Look 'e here, Sir Charles.
Weitbrecht-Rotholz was an enthusiastic admirer of Charles Strickland, and there was no danger that he would whitewash him.
I am in the service of the parliament, which orders me to fight General Lambert and Charles Stuart -- its enemies, and not mine.
Then I may positively say that your honor is not inclined to favor King Charles II.