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Did he say anything to you about King Charles the First, child?
This desire had scattered the desultory intellectual culture of Sir Charles at first sight.
said Mordaunt, with a terrible smile; "no, it is Charles the First, the king, the good King Charles, who despoils his subjects to enrich himself.
The last adieus were hastily exchanged, and Anna Miller was handed into her father's gig by Charles Weston in profound silence.
Charles wants to-day what we were not willing to grant him ten years ago; but that was foreseen and provided against.
no, indeed, Charles, I cannot bear to have you go away.
This family paper was committed to my care by Sir Charles Baskerville, whose sudden and tragic death some three months ago created so much excitement in Devonshire.
I confess that when first I made acquaintance with Charles Strickland I never for a moment discerned that there was in him anything out of the ordinary.
Why does your mother always wear that surcoat with armorial designs, like our grandmothers of the time of Charles VII.
We are waiting for two other men, Sir Charles Somerfield and Mr.
Westmacott, a widow, and her nephew, Charles Westmacott.
Availing himself of the first opportunity of being alone with Mr Charles Cheeryble at the close of next day, he accordingly related Smike's little history, and modestly but firmly expressed his hope that the good old gentleman would, under such circumstances as he described, hold him justified in adopting the extreme course of interfering between parent and child, and upholding the latter in his disobedience; even though his horror and dread of his father might seem, and would doubtless be represented as, a thing so repulsive and unnatural, as to render those who countenanced him in it, fit objects of general detestation and abhorrence.
Now then come round in front of the desk, Charles," says he in a loud voice.
The grave-diggers, who had kept up an undercurrent of disapproval--they disliked Charles; it was not a moment to speak of such things, but they did not like Charles Wilcox--the grave-diggers finished their work and piled up the wreaths and crosses above it.
That all men are mortal," "that Columbus discovered America," "that Charles I died in his bed," "that all philosophers are wise," are propositions.