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king of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor

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Charlemagne, Julius Caesar, Cyrus, Solomon, Zoroaster, Confucious,
And the song he sang was of Roland, the great champion of Charlemagne.
First in time, perhaps, come those which are derived from the earlier French epics and in which love, if it appears at all, is subordinated to the military exploits of Charlemagne and his twelve peers in their wars against the Saracens.
He said this as if he had been Charlemagne, and commanded armies; and indeed, much as I admired his courage, I was always in danger of smiling at his vanity: in danger, I say, for had I not kept my countenance, I would be afraid to think what a quarrel might have followed.
Charlemagne is the only district school that is too small to offer full-day kindergarten.
This contract is for:-improving building technology called Charlemagne in order to achieve a result set energy performance and reduced power consumption and fuel 15% minimum by ensuring the best conditions for comfort and safety, maintenance and troubleshooting of technical facilities in order to provide the service for which they are intended, in the best conditions of comfort, safety and energy saving For more information.
A highlight on Tyneside will be three performances by Charlemagne Palestine, described in the AV Festival brochure as a true living legend.
50 sees Prince Charlemagne and Lytham pitched together and bidding to extend their recent success stories with respective trainers Gary Moore and Tony Carroll.
Set during the reign of Charlemagne, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, the musical comedy centers around traveling actors who perform a play about Charlemagne's eldest son, Pippin, who is trying to find meaning in life.
A record crowd of 10,000-plus saw champion trainer O'Brien compensated for his Oaks failure as Ballydoyle stablemates King Charlemagne and Mull of Kintyre dominated the finish of the Emirates Airline Minstrel Stakes.
After barely escaping with his life, the pope turned to Charlemagne (SHAR luh mayn) , king of the Franks, for help.
HUGE POOLS OF SOUNDS coming from one undifferentiated tone: This is the dizzying, precision work of Charlemagne Palestine and a Dutch organ, stretched out for seventy-one minutes.
Though the debt owed Pulci by Tasso, Boiardo, Ariosto, Cervantes, Rabelais, and Calderon de la Barca is enormous, and though traces of Pulci's influence appear in Spenser and as late as Goethe, since Byron's time English readers of continental literature in translation have largely forgotten that Luigi Pulci sparked both a revolution in the uses to which Renaissance authors put the chivalric tradition of Charlemagne and his peers and a change in the way authors interacted with their material.
This embraces criticism on the chanson de geste in general, and texts of the most tangential relevance to the Charlemagne legend (e.
The Global Emerging Markets Fund is modeled on Charlemagne Capital's Magna Global Emerging Markets Fund, which is available only to investors in Europe.