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a human female employed to do housework

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Sandra plays charlady Brenda Palin in Coronation Street.
Nurse Enfys Roberts and captain Cynan Williams present charlady Stewart Wade with his fancy dress prize during the night, which raised pounds 500 for charity; All aboard for 40s fun.
Cheryl Campbell, disguising her natural beauty with body padding and glasses, is the caricature charlady (remember her in the movie Greystoke ?
I stormed off to bed, shouting that he was a slob and I wasn't his charlady.
This latest production stars ex-New Seeker Lyn Paul as Mrs Johnstone, the superstitious Liverpool charlady whose poverty forces her to give away one of her twins to her posh employer.
The gloriously sexy Jonathan Ross is sitting with his arms wrapped around his wife, Jane Goldman, oblivious to the fact that with her tomato red hair and sullen face she looks like a Czech charlady.
It's six months since Melanie last wriggled into the pinny of Mrs Johnstone, stage musicals' most famous charlady, but she says returning to the part to bring it to Liverpool was a no-brainer.
A special word, too, for Heather Copland's Mrs Northrop, the strident charlady who arrives inconveniently at a time of crisis, and Sue Wall as Lottie Grady, who is revealed as the dark little secret of one of the husbands.
MY aunt is a charlady at the FA and says the hierarchy are not worried about the next World Cup team.
In the programme, he discovers his relative was a Glaswegian charlady who died of "exhaustion and TB".
Normally glam Cameron looks like a charlady with that head scarf while actor Jared is sporting the most exceptional "mullet" hairstyle of the year.
Here you're escorted into the building by Beatrice, the theatre's no-nonsense cheery charlady of yesteryear, and then pretty much left to your own devices.
Gone are the days of the charlady - there is an in-depth science involved in the cleaning industry today.
Born Maurice Micklewhite in London, Michael Caine was the son of a fish market porter and a charlady (near the end of The Muppet Christmas Carol, 1992, he passes by a store called Micklewhite's).
Imagining the tragic death from TB of his Glaswegian charlady ancestor moved him deeply - mainly because it brought home how dreadful the life of thousands like her had been.