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a human female employed to do housework

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Other characters in the show were Fatima (Puns's girlfriend, a charlady in Claremont), Gogga (a clown) Pri-mister PW Botha (see Figure 2), Kaaskop (a stupid police officer) and CT (Cape Town's own green space creature).
In the 'Time Passes' section of To the Lighthouse (1927), the radical rejection of nineteenth-century sentimental narrative and temporal structure is paired with the sturdy constant of the charlady, Mrs McNab.
Auntie also stretched the budget (she was a charlady and a spinster) to take me to the Red Lion Tea Room.
All went well for the Mayor who made a speech of welcome and then did a quick change into the guise of a charlady when she offered three hours of cleaning services at an auction which raised pounds 105.
Jean Alexander, who played the Street's chirpy charlady for 24 years, will be one of Heartbeat's 10th anniversary presents to its fans.
Lisa Howard is also great value as Mrs Northrop, the charlady who takes great delight in telling the Fake Housewives of Cleckleywyke that they still carry the same surnames of their far less salubrious past and wouldn't mind a few extra quid to keep her mouth shut.
The latest book goes over some well-trodden ground including his humble beginnings as Maurice Micklewhite, born in London's poverty-stricken Elephant and Castle to a charlady and a Billingsgate porter.
12 In which 70s series did Carmel McSharry play a charlady and milkman''s wife who sets about improving herself in later life?
CHEERFUL charlady Ellen Wilson is even more cheerful today.
Yet today, after all his fame and wealth, Michael - born in South London, the son of a fish-market porter and a charlady - takes nothing for granted.
Lyn Paul, right, plays Mrs Johnstone, the charlady who gives away one of her newborn twins with tragic consequences, and delivers a knockout performance.
Scores of cleaners who cheated taxpayers out of pounds 272,000 were caught after a two-year probe codenamed Operation Hilda after Coronation Street's legendary charlady Hilda Ogden.
MAID IN MANHATTAN CINDERELLA pulls Prince Charming yet again in Maid In Manhattan (PG) as Jennifer Lopez sets out her stall as the best-looking charlady in America.
OLD MAN'S A DUSTMAN: DESMOND Bernard O'Connor's mum, a charlady, passed on her singing talent to him.
But with Kylie struggling financially and having Max and Lily to feed and clothe, David taking cash from their joint bank account probably isn't a good idea, especially as Gail's meagre wage as a charlady isn't likely to go very far.