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Synonyms for charismatic

Synonyms for charismatic

possessing an extraordinary ability to attract


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The Rise of Charismatic Catholicism in Latin America.
Now Edward Cleary, a well-respected, seasoned commentator on Latin American religion who has been in the forefront in explaining both liberation theology and Pentecostalism to North American audiences, has broken new ground with The Rise of Charismatic Catholicism in Latin America.
At the transition points where Pentecostals or Charismatics encounter questions that have upset their spiritual identity, spiritual guides can assist with identifying possible stages or transitions.
My second observation is that having a charismatic leader is not an unmixed blessing for those who are led.
At the Charismatic meeting I enquired about, I was told that it lasts for two hours one night a week.
The ecumenical movement has taken several forms, all of which have caused baptism to be reappraised: institutional changes, theological developments, and the liturgical and charismatic movements.
The charismatics attract their following by preaching simple, even saccharine sermons, and the young people are attracted by the plain language, the singing and dancing," said Rev Estevao Bittencourt, theology professor at Rio's Sao Bento Monastery.
here reflects on such key issues as the contemporary nature of rationality, the transformation of space and time in the daily lives of charismatics, the relationship between the sexes, the overlapping of ritual and daily events in charismatic experience, the building of a sense of community through ritual participation, and the creative role of language and metaphor expressed in prophetic utterances.
Joanna sets out practical suggestions for aspiring charismatics to make the grade and become unforgettable for all the right reasons.
observes that if the religious right continues its course, it may end up as uninfluential and faction-ridden as other social-change movements after their charismatic leaders died or became disgraced.
But according to journalist Russ Bellant, some charismatic leaders took an authoritarian and ultimately right-wing turn along the way.
The emphasis on the seemingly unending diversity of charismatic Christianity loads the term "charismatic" with so much assorted baggage that it fails to recognize adequately the unity of millions of Pentecostals and charismatics in their confession of evangelical faith.
Nigerian charismatics share similar doctrinal emphases and practices like baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and healing.
Stephen's Charismatic Episcopal Church in Springfield in September 2003.
Table 1 (next page) puts this event in the context of three waves of Christian renewal (Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Neocharismatic) and 100 years of growth of global Christianity.