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an African river that flows northwest into Lake Chad

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So, we started looking for an alternative that would carry grace, so we got the name Charis in one of our prayer meetings.
Charis director Imelda McGuckin said: "Our main focus is holistic client-centred care.
Charis Michael holds a Masters in Business Administration, International Business, from Johnson and Wales University in the US.
En una cena de gala, ante una elegante mesa, Charis degustaba un mole haciendose un lio con los cubiertos.
Charis has a unique perspective having worked for large and small business enterprises (SME's), including some of the world's most innovative and respected employers.
CHARIS gave the Pakistan Catholic church's social service agency $50,000 and arranged for the delivery of 816 water filtration units.
Perhaps part of the secret of Charis' success is its non-profit arm, Charis Circle.
Ramaya is the 19-month-old daughter of Charis Jobarteh and Leon Noel, who live in Wood Terrace.
Daughter to Charis and Alex, granddaughter to Pamela and Don Cassells (Morpeth) and Wendy and Richard Corbin (Guernsey), cousin to Clara May and Patrick John, a welcome niece to all aunties and uncles.
Her narrator, teenager Charis Watts, is the complete opposite of Frankie Bradley.
The grant allowed Weston and his wife, Charis Wilson, to travel throughout California, where Weston made photographs of the state's divergent landscape.
Mariel Hemingway hosted the Los Angeles launch of the best-selling book The Rainbow Warrior by Carlos and Charis Mundy.
The Robber Bride depicts three characteristically second wave women--Roz the power-suited businesswoman, Charis the spiritual ecofeminist, Tony the academic--whose lives are disrupted by the reappearance of Zenia, a friend from their respective pasts, who functions as an embodiment of postfeminism and as the anti-heroine of the novel.
With: Emmanuel Xeureb, Charis Michelsen, Lee Holmes, Oz Perkins, Cindy Lou Adkins.