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an African river that flows northwest into Lake Chad

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For Tony, she is the daughter of a Russian emigre who prostituted her during the war; for Charis, she is a gypsy; for Roz, a Jewish orphan.
The real estate agent walked in," recalls Charis, "took a look around, and told me, 'Honey, you couldn't get $120,000 for this.
General Hisp/Lat Charis CTA ECC Parish income use 89% 69% 80% N/A 95% Econ.
Still, a few lobbyists bravely bear the torch for a new age of regression, notably Charis Walker and his American Council for Capital Formation, who since the seventies has pursued one drastic goal: to replace most income, investment, and corporate taxation with a consumption-based VAT, lifting the tax burden from investors and businesses and nailing consumers.
A first-half Lazaros Christodoulopoulos goal and a late second from substitute Charis Mavrias ensured Stuart McCall's side went down 2-0 in the first leg of their historic qualifier against the Greek giants.
Declan, Ashlene, Shaun and Charis xxxx McLAUGHLIN Nathaniel Never more than a thought away, loved and remembered every day.
CHARIS Williams' house has designer looks - on an eBay budget.
Charis Burden, aged six, who will be performing with her siblings, Tony, eight, and Esther, four, said: "We've done a similar thing for Christian Aid before and it was a lot of fun.
This was said after a meeting, which Minister of Commerce Antonis Paschalides had with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EAC Charis Thrasou and the President of CERA Kostas Ioannou.
The monthly column, humorously called "The Daily Dilemma," is pulled from the case files of Charis Denison, a teacher with expertise in school and community involvement, human development, and ethics.
The Trust is administered on behalf of Trustees by Charis Grants Ltd, a social enterprise organisation managing a number of utility trust funds under a shared programme of giving.
This means that an applicant to one trust fund is automatically considered for help from any other funds managed by Charis providing they are eligible.
When 18-month-old Charis Burden needs her nappy changing it's not just the usual tell-tale signs that let her mother Anna know.
Dubbed Charis, the centre has been formed by the Hannah Research Institute and the Scottish Agricultural College which have pooled their resources and funding from the Scottish Executive.