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alligator lizard -- 2 -- Boidae Charina bottae, rubber boa x -- -- Charina sp.
Charina prebottae is very similar to the living genus Charina bottae and was probably directly ancestral to it (Holman 1979).
Eventologist Tim Yap donned a Charina Sartre ensemble.
In order to showcase the essence of Digital Fashion Week and engage with the global fashion audience, it is vital to have our content available on Smart TVs, says Charina Widjaja, Business Development Director of Digital Fashion Week.
Nine-year-old Charina McLeod, from West Denton in Newcastle, has her own plot of land in the allotment of award-winning dad Billy.
Company: Ambergris Solutions Booth: 947 Media Contact: Charina G.
Carla Beatrice Castillo, Francis Corona and Charina Salgado, said the Second Division erred in reinstating the Ombudsman's subpoena on their bank records.
Yet his success could not have been achieved without his wife, Noi, 36, and their seven-year-old daughter, Charina.
My foodie sister-in-law Charina Mendoza also raves about him.
At the grand launch last month, several celebrities and guests flew in, including fashion designers Patty Ang, Charina Sarte and Maureen Disini.
The dresses of their respective bridesmaids were made by Filipino designers-silver-gray chiffon by Charina Sarte for the Pitt-Henares wedding, and mismatched summer florals by Vania Romoff for the Semblat-Daza party.
Baraan said Director Maria Charina Dy-Po of the Department of Justice (DOJ) technical staff and any BuCor director would attest to his claim.
Its employees contributed pocket money, according to Charina Garrido-Ocampo, head of Monsanto corporate affairs office.
The makeup muses went onstage wearing clothes by designer Charina Sarte.
The board is made up of Arlene Ferrolino (president), Luis Ramos (vice president), Susan Legaspi, (treasurer), John Mina (secretary) and directors Charina Carrera, Claire Espina, Jose Luis Garcia, Wendy Mazon, Ruben Nepales, Rocio Nuyda, Asuncion Ojeda, Carmelita O'Neil and Edwin Raquel.