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alligator lizard -- 2 -- Boidae Charina bottae, rubber boa x -- -- Charina sp.
Charina prebottae is very similar to the living genus Charina bottae and was probably directly ancestral to it (Holman 1979).
the extinct rubber boa species Charina prebottae, and the extinct colubrid genus and species Texasophis fossilis.
Charina Kimes, Voice, Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Yet his success could not have been achieved without his wife, Noi, 36, and their seven-year-old daughter, Charina.
After showing an interest in what her parents were doing, Charina has her own section of the garden, in which she has planted some flowers.
Student musicians Josh Donovan, Charina Kimes, Drew Kramer and Corrine Savage also will accompany Catanzarite as he performs original music.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Four employee benefits consultants joined Lockton this week in its San Jose, California office: Linda Wieck, Senior Vice President and Unit Manager; Charina English, Vice President and Senior Consultant; Shirley Lau, Vice President and Senior Consultant; and Shana Bruno, Assistant Vice President and Associate Consultant.
Linda, Charina, Shirley and Shana bring a wealth of experience in the employee benefits marketplace.
According to Charina Aliling, CEO of the EQO group, there is a fast-growing interest in evolving from a traditional lifestyle to one that is eco-conscious.
CONTACT: Charina Aliling, CEO/CO-Founder of eQocar Hybrid Car Rentals, +1-888-537-6227, +1-818-565-3436
com/) today named Kent Ebersole as publisher and Charina Lumley as marketing director.
Kieckhefer Foundation contributions that have gone into increasing our Endowment, and the Charina Foundation and the Horace W.
Agency for International Development; Charina Choi, a White House Fellow at the Office of Science and Technology Policy; and international faculty from across the globe.