Chari River

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an African river that flows northwest into Lake Chad

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More spacious accommodation offer includes a range of Junior and Executive Suites with separate living and dining areas with picturesque views of the courtyard and mesmerizing Chari River.
The hotel also offers junior and executive suites with separate living and dining areas with views of the courtyard and Chari River.
Hundreds of people are fleeing the fighting, crossing the Chari River to Kousseri, in neighboring Cameroon.
WALTAMA, Chad -- As a maker and seller of fishing nets, All Mahamat knew all too well that fish were slowly disappearing from the Chari River here in the southern region of this sub-Saharan African nation.
Today, because of actions like that, the fish are returning to the Chari River in the Sarh region--as are other signs of prosperity.
These regions are located (1) along the south-west part of the Lake area (Nigeria), including large zones of the seasonally exposed lake-bed; (2) the Delta of the Chari river, including the Chari river itself and the south-east part the Lake shore (Chad); and (3) the Yaere floodplain located at the border between Cameroon and Chad, along the Logone river (see Figure 1).
The 194-room property, offering direct views of Chari River, is located in the new and upmarket district of Sabangali in N'Djamena.
La Distillerie offers a wide selection of whiskey and cocktails, while Merkato offers all-day dining facing the Chari River.