charge d'affaires

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the official temporarily in charge of a diplomatic mission in the absence of the ambassador

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Following a set of talks between the two sides, Tehran and London eventually agreed to resume diplomatic relations and announced the names of their non-resident Charges d'Affaires in October 2013.
For their parts, the ambassadors and Charges d'Affaires confirmed their countries' keenness to strengthen the level of cooperation with Yemen and to continue their efforts along with the international community to help Yemen overcome the current challenges.
NNA - (Agence France Presse) Iran and Britain on Monday named non-resident charges d'affaires to each other's capital, in moves aimed at restoring diplomatic ties severed after the British embassy was ransacked in 2011.
From today relations between Iran and Britain are resumed at the non-resident charges d'affaires level," Deputy Foreign Minister Majid Takht-Ravanchi told ISNA, adding that the countries' flags were raised atop their embassies in Tehran and London.
Summary: Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister says charges d'affaires are now responsible for bilateral relations.