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formerly a strong swift horse ridden into battle


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a device for charging or recharging batteries

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First came Black Simon with his banner, bestriding a lean and powerful dapple-gray charger, as hard and wiry and warwise as himself.
The lance of the black knight smote full upon the linden shield of his foeman, the staggering weight of the mighty black charger hurtled upon the gray who went down with his rider into the dust of the highway.
The Chargers have played at Qualcomm Stadium since 1967, and San Diego voters (https://www.
According to one of Apparently Connected's founders, Patrick Marcus, not all USB chargers are the same.
This contract has a firm tranche and two conditional phases as described below 1) slice firm in 2014 for the items described below * 300 WIFI mobile phones (VoWLAN) based on SIP: * 100 spare batteries: * 10 desktop chargers: * 5 multiple chargers for phones: * 5 multiple battery chargers: 2) A conditional 2015 items described below * 500 WIFI mobile phones (VoWLAN) based on SIP: * 250 spare batteries: * 50 desktop chargers: * 20 multiple chargers for phones: * 20 multiple battery chargers: 3) A conditional 2016: * 500 WIFI mobile phones (VoWLAN) based on SIP: * 500 spare batteries: * 50 desktop chargers: * 20 multiple chargers for phones: * 20 multiple battery chargers
CONSUMERS in Huddersfield buying chargers could run an increased risk of electrocution if they buy the wrong ones - trading standards officers claimed.
IV title game to Santa Barbara when he considered quitting as coach of the Chargers.
Minit-Charger frequently locates the fast chargers next to break rooms for operator convenience.
According to the company, its Solio line of battery chargers can use solar power to charge iPods, mobile phones and other devices.
Charles Industrial Products, a division of Charles Industries, has unveiled two new multistage electronic battery chargers targeted to a range of engine generator set applications.
There's a very real consumer need for a quality charger that offers an alternative to slower, less effective battery chargers," said Michael Brazukas, sales and marketing manager for Hanwa.
Four types of chargers for industrial truck batteries are commonly available.
iGo[R] (Nasdaq: IGOI), the most trusted name in the accessory power management arena, has unveiled Apple-certified iPad wall and car chargers (MSRP $24.
Chargers that are not made for Apple devices are not safe, (https://www.
Now there are a variety of chargers available - ones that carry a charge (wireless) and are as small as a lipstick case, ones that need to be plugged into some other power such as the charger by Internet on the Go and also chargers that are quite large and power entire networks.