battery charger

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a device for charging or recharging batteries


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Figure 4 (a) shows 500 charge and discharge cycles performed on commercial capacitors.
The cells were subjected to constant voltage hold at 3.8 V for 1 hour between charge and discharge cycles at 0.0004 Amperes.
For certain electrode materials such as LFP, a voltage plateau, resulting from two-phase coexistence, is shown in both charge and discharge cycles. The coexisting two phases are the lithium-deficient phase (L[i.sub.[alpha]]FeP[O.sub.4]) and the lithium-rich phase (Li[1,sub.-[beta]]FeP[O.sub.4]).
Due to manufacturing asymmetries, charge and discharge cycles lead to cell unbalancing, reducing battery capacity, and causing safety troubles or strongly limiting the storage capacity of the full pack.
A LiON battery can handle hundreds of charge and discharge cycles before the battery suffers any severe performance degradation.