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Synonyms for soot

a black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink

coat with soot

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Product Outline (for North America/United States Models) Product Name PlayStation(R)2 Color Charcoal Black Product Code SCPH-70011 CB (for North America) SCPH-70012 CB (for United States) Release Date November 1st, 2004 (Monday) Suggested Retail Price $149.
The Gear 2 is currently available in colors including charcoal Black, gold Brown and newly added wild Orange, while the Gear 2 Neo comes in charcoal Black, mocha Gray and wild Orange.
And, its digital timer and temperature ready light take the guess work out of frying -- so chicken wings will turn out golden brown, not charcoal black.
In case people are wondering, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will come in five different colors; namely, charcoal black, dazzling white, sleek silver, frosted gold and Scuba blue.
At launch, it will be available in Charcoal Black, Dazzling White, Frosted Gold, Sleek Silver, and Scuba Blue, with available colors to be determined by market.
BASIC FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS Product Name PlayStation(R)2 Color Charcoal Black Product Code SCPH-70011 CB (for North America) SCPH-70012 CB (for United States) Suggested Retail Price $149.
It aso comes in a variety of colours, including Charcoal Black, Glam Red, Shimmery White, Copper Gold, Sweet Pink and Electric Blue.
The Note 4 will come in Charcoal Black, Frost White and, exclusively to Telstra, in Bronze Gold.
The model costs QAR 2,299 in Ooredoo s Villaggio, HQ2, Landmark, City Center and Lagoona Shops, in addition to online, and comes in a number of colour options comprising Charcoal Black, Frosted Gold and Dazzling White.
uk/samsung-galaxy-note-4#options) 32 GB Galaxy Note 4 with three colour options like charcoal black, frost white and bronze gold.
Select the Samsung Galaxy Alpha in Charcoal Black, Dazzling White or Frosted Gold at:
Clove is selling the 32 GB version of Galaxy Note 4 in colour options like Charcoal Black, Frost White and Bronze Gold.
5-inch notebooks are available in four stunning colors- midnight blue, glacier white, charcoal black and blush pink - while the 17.
Charcoal Black leather-trimmed seating is available with and without contrasting Sienna inserts.
Lastly, the Galaxy Note 4 will be offered in Charcoal Black, Frost White, Bronze Gold and Blossom Pink.