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green algae common in freshwater lakes of limestone districts

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According to a police spokesman, Taxila police held Kaleem Haider for having 1300 grams charas while Dilawar for possessing 1360 grams charas.
According to a spokesmen for the Customs' Anti-smuggling organisation Charas was recovered near Mouchkay Choki, RCD highway, from the coach.
According to information Rawat police station police has recovered from Atif 500 gram charas, from Khalid 1500 gram charas.
As many as 531 NDPS cases were registered during 2013 and 314 kg charas was seized from various parts of the state followed by 513 cases in 2012 and seizure of 278 Kg charas.
Now GignoSystem Japan (formerly PhotoNet), which provides all sorts of animated and other Web-based cellphone services, has joined with electronics manufacturer Casio to come up with the Mail Chara Koubo (Mail Character Club) for camera-equipped keitai.
Charas has extensive experience in human resources, consulting and accounting.
According to a police spokesman, Civil Line police arrested Aslam for having 1280 grams charas.
Bazar police held Imran for having 1060 grams charas.
Retailers, due to increasing profit requirements and competitive demands, have been driving down what they are willing to pay for goods while accepting more and more incremental trade deals," notes Charas.
Solange Charas, the firm's principal and a recognized expert in compensation consulting, founded Charas Consulting, Inc.
RAWALPINDI -- Police in their crackdowns against anti-social elements have arrested 17 lawbreakers including two kite sellers besides, recovering over four kilograms charas, 15 liters liquor, three pistols 30 bore with nine rounds, 16800 kites and 2216 kite flying string rolls from their possession.
31 tons of drugs, comprising 2273 kilograms (kg) charas, 31.
According to a Police official Tuesday, Pak Colony Police arrested two suspects involved in drug selling and recovered more than two kg of Charas.
ANF Quetta carried out a successful intelligence led operation and seized 4360 Kg Charas from an deserted area of Killi Sarlat, Tehsil Gulistan, Distt Qila Abdullah.
RAWALPINDI -- Police in their crackdowns against anti-social elements on Thursday arrested 15 lawbreakers including four renting rules violators besides recovering 1100 grams charas, 30 liters liquor, three pistols 30 bore with 36 rounds and huge quantity of fireworks items from their possession.