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a radioactive transuranic element

compare (used in texts to point the reader to another location in the text)


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But in practical applications, the fault characteristic frequency and the theoretical value obtained after the signal analysis are not exactly the same.
The running speed of the motor was 28 Hz, based on the bearing parameters given in Table, the characteristic frequency of the roller bearing with outrace fault is calculated as [F.
5) Diagnose the rotor system fault types by observing the corresponding fault characteristic frequency components that appeared possibly in Figure 1.
By using them, it was possible to find, clearly, the characteristic frequency components of the localized outer race defect, both in the experimental and simulated model data, validating its capabilities for the detection of fault signals in ball bearings.
However, this characteristic may be considered as linear in the area around the characteristic frequency of the filter.
Thus, with knowledge of the characteristic frequency, we, the junction distance, [delta], can be calculated.
The researchers liken the signal to a sound because it repeats at a characteristic frequency, which they say would sound like an ultra-low D-sharp.
The key was to use two lasers; the frequencies of the lasers were set so that the difference between the two equaled the characteristic frequency of a molecule they were trying to detect.
Thus, for example, if the basic block and the backup block are power amplifiers, control unit can be a simple voltage amplifier which should have just the same characteristic frequency as the basic unit and so, by default, will have a better reliability.
Machinery used in a factory execute mainly repetitive tasks, hence its motion has a characteristic frequency and period; when a machine operates far from its characteristic frequency, it is very likely damaged and its needs reparation or maybe even replacement.
In an MRI machine, fluorine emits a strong signal with a characteristic frequency.
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